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John is a Denver area based SAG actor who works on a variety of projects including televsion, commercial, feature film and short film projects. John’s most recent roles include a Co-Star role on Manhattan set to air November 2015 & CW's The Messengers set to premier in April 2015.  John also had a spot on a SAG-AFTRA regional Colorado Lottery commercial~winning of course.  2015 also saw the release of Alien Valley, a small indie filmed in and with all Colorado talent.  2016 is already bringing new opportunity as John begins to move into V.O. and the creative side currently writing his own feature and shorts.


John excels in both dramatic and comedic roles often playing the dramatic lead or the comedic supporting character roles.  His turn as Rob Parks allowed him to cover both dramatic and comedic opportunities in the same character.   


John initially started his career studying in Vancouver, B.C. at Vancouver Film School’s Year Long Acting Conservatory.  He was able to hone his craft and was mentored in acting for film and television by some of Canada’s leading actors and working professionals.


John spent time in Los Angeles with the Advance LA Agency as both an artist and an intern where he was able to learn the business from the inside and apply that directly to his working career.  John has written one full-length screenplay which has been submitted to multiple agencies and is registered with WGA.  He also has co-created, produced and directed a short play which performed locally in the Denver/Ft.Collins area.  

Currently, John is both acting and coaching. He is coaching a Teens/Tweens class at Benjy Dobrin Studios as well as coaching adults in small group settings.  Finding a niche and passion in the coaching arena has John currently diving into writing and directing his own material.   When John is not studying with Working Actors Group or Benjy Dobrin Studios he enjoys most of his time with his family.  John grew up playing baseball and was able to play through college and professionally in Germany before beginning his acting career.  In 2015 John welcomed another addition to his family to keep his son Grayden company.  Finnley arrived at the end of March in 2015!

"Confident, versatile, and the consummate professional.  I had the pleasure of directing John on the set of the feature film P.M.  John is a fantastic actor, great with direction, and everyday brought an energy to the set that set the tone for cast and crew alike.  I hope to work with him on future endeavors and would unequivocally recommend him for any project."

- Dave Franco, Director

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